Core competence

Core competence

Core competence

Faced with the rapid market demand, Ablecom Technology provides fast services to reach time to market. We provide customers with high-quality services and precise cost control with a rigorous attitude.

Ablecom Technology provides customers with customized services through ODM/OEM/JDM to meet their needs. From the initial design concept, product development, mass production, after-sales service, etc., the company's experienced R&D team, regardless of heat flow, electronics, institutional design to production or product quality, all exceed industry standards for customers service.

Ablecom offers a comprehensive value-added services through 3 main business models-ODM, OEM, and JDM to provide customers tailor-made services to meet their needs.

OEM (original Equipment Manufacturer) - We provide professional equipment and innovative manufacturing technology to make sure the quality and services for our partners.

ODM (Original Designed Manufacturer) - We provide top-notch design and manufacturing for our customers.

JDM (Joint Designed Manufacturer) - Our team works closely with customers’ team to provide them seamless handoffs