2021 03/29
ABLECOM Will Open Numerous Job Vacancies and Work Academic-Industry Cooperation For Deep Plowed 5G/AI Field In Taiwan

Although the outbreak of coronavirus impacted on Global Supply Chain, the 5G and AI industrial computer market grow exponentially in Taiwan. In 2020, ABLECOM Technology Co., Ltd., participated in a subsidy program promoted by Ministry of Economic Affairs, the program called “A+ Industrial Innovation R&D program.” After ABLECOM applied for it, granted smoothly this budget subsidy, and we will work academic-industry with the Department of Power Mechanical Engineering at National Tsing Hua University to conduct industry-academia-research cooperation for the server chassis.


ABLECOM possesses 20-year experience of R&D. Because our strict quality control, we are receiving recognition in the market. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus and the impact of U.S.-China trade war, we decided to move the research and development center and assembly line back to Taiwan. In the meanwhile, we actively plan for the product of 5G and server chassis could be applied to AI ​​market. With our excellent R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and the experience of collaborating with the world-class server manufacturer, ABLECOM provides high-quality and comprehensive service in the field of server Chassis Design, Thermal Module R&D and Manufacturing, and System Development to customers.

Due to the instability of international situation, the plan of factory expanded has been accelerated in Taiwan. In order to meet the company's growth needs in the next five years, the demand of high-level R&D engineers has been increased. In response to future Trends of 5G and AI, our group expects to invest more than NT$20 billion to build an industrial park with advanced process technologies. And it will generate about 1800 jobs.

We not only further research of the design of the server chassis, but also actively pluralistic development in the field of industrial computers and system integration. Through serial system, it could provide instant modular design and efficient solutions to customers. We have the advantages of rapid integration of R&D and manufacturing, giving customers assistance to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive market is our enterprise purpose.


Providing customers with high-end products with integration of software and hardware, and research and develop intelligent manufacturing. Becoming a leading brand is our business objectives. Server/storage device solutions customized for IPC, based on professional service, included design, research and development, proofing, verification, mold and production. ABLECOM indicated that technology will be more and more close to human, so unmanned factory and management of Industry 4.0 will be their future plan for the next 20 years.